Residential Roof Wind Damage Repair In Tulsa, Oklahoma

When heavy winds damage a roof, it’s imperative to get things repaired quickly. That’s why homeowners in Tulsa know to contact the pros at Right Now Roofing any time they have reason to suspect their roof has sustained damage from the wind. They know they can count on us for residential roof wind damage repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What Kind of Damage Can Wind Cause?

Any wind over 45 MPH can cause significant damage to your roof. Depending on wind speed, harsh winds can:

  • Blow away loose or broken shingles
  • Lift and remove intact shingles
  • Break or blow away vents
  • Rip off or damage roof decking
  • Tear off eaves or other features.

In some cases, wind damage can be pretty apparent. In others, you won’t find damage until an inspector who specializes in residential roof wind damage repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, uncovers it. The only other way you’ll find out is when the damage leads to other issues.

It’s also important to remember that heavy winds often accompany other damaging weather events such as heavy rains, hail, and falling branches. Even if the wind isn’t severe, that combination can damage shingles, vents, and your roof’s decking. It can also knock the protective grit off of shingles. Even if winds are not fast, there is still a potential for damage.

How Does Wind Damage Your Roof?

Two houses can be in the same wind storm. One receives significant damage and the other none at all? How does this happen? Why will one person have to call for residential roof wind damage repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when their neighbor doesn’t? There are a few reasons for this.

  • Wind speeds can change
  • Some homes have newer roofs
  • Different roofs are more susceptible to wind damage than others, such as gable roofs
  • Poorly installed roofs are damaged more easily by the wind
  • One home may be naturally protected from wind by a hill or line of trees, while another isn’t
  • The direction of the wind matters

It may help to identify existing damage before any wind storms damage your roof. Making repairs now could help you avoid calling for help with residential roof wind damage repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

What to Do When You Suspect Wind Damage

If you see signs of damage such as missing shingles, leaks, curling shingles, and exposed wood, it’s time to call the professionals at Right Now Roofing for residential roof wind damage repair.

Should any of the following apply, we also recommend that you call for a roof inspection even if you don’t see visible damage:

  • Close neighbors have suffered roof damage
  • Your roof was already older or in poor repair
  • There are other signs of severe wind, such as downed branches
  • You haven’t had a roof inspection done within the past year

It is better to call someone out to take a look at your roof as a precaution than it is to allow damage to go unnoticed and unrepaired. If we catch issues right away, we can fix some damage quickly. If you ignore the problems, wind damage can lead to leaks, rotting, and mold.

What Happens When You Call for Residential Roof Wind Damage Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

When you call Right Now Roofing to report suspected wind damage, we will send an inspector out ASAP. Our wind damage expert will talk to you about any damage you have noticed or concerns you have. Then, we’ll walk your roof to look for any damage caused by winds or other sources.

Once we finish, we may give you the all-clear. That means nothing’s wrong, so you can move forward with peace of mind knowing that your roof is in good repair. If we find damage, we will let you know the details and what solutions we can offer. We’ll make every effort to work within your budget.

In many instances, homeowners insurance may cover your repairs. If that’s the case, we are happy to help. Our team has experience working with insurance adjusters and can eliminate a lot of stress and headache for you.

Call Us for Residential Roof Wind Damage Repair In Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you have any reason to suspect your roof has damage from the wind, you should act now. Don’t let the damage get worse over time. We have crews working all over the Tulsa metro area and will be happy to send someone to help you quickly. Call us, or book an appointment online.

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