Residential Roof Inspections in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Your roof is an integral part of your home. If you don’t keep it in good repair, the resulting damage can be absolutely devastating. That being the case, you can’t be too selective about the company you trust with your roof’s upkeep. When you get faulty roofing repairs, shoddy workmanship on a new roof, or inferior maintenance services, your roof is extremely vulnerable to damage. Ensuring that your roof lasts for years begins with a residential roof inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Signs You Need Residential Roof Inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We receive calls for residential roof inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for many reasons, including:

  • Inspections before or after a new home purchase
  • Wind and storm damage inspections
  • Older roof inspections
  • Annual inspections to assess any need for repair or replacement
  • Obtaining a second opinion about the need for roof repair or replacement

We are happy to inspect your roof for any reason, including your peace of mind.

What Do We Look for During a Residential Roof Inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

When one of our inspectors arrives to look at your roof, we’ll discuss your concerns with you first. After that, we will climb onto your roof to inspect for missing shingles, damaged shingles, broken or damaged vents, and other problems in need of attention.

Our goal is to find any issues that could leave your home at risk for damage from leaks, mold, vermin, or other hazards. We may ask to access your attic as well. In some cases, we will take photographs to share with you, members of our team, or your insurance adjuster.

Keep in mind that there can be damage to your roof that isn’t readily visible from the ground. For example, your roof may look absolutely fine, but there could be rotting wood, causing a risk of leaks or collapse.

What Happens After a Residential Roof Inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

If our inspector finds that your roof is in good repair, you won’t have to take any action. However, we recommend that you have your roof inspected annually to catch any issues early.

Of course, nobody wants to hear that they have to have their roof replaced or repaired. However, if your Right Now Roofing inspector finds any issues, they’ll let you know what is wrong and how we can fix it. We’ll make every effort to help you with an affordable solution that is the least disruptive for you.

Your options may include roof repair or replacement. If a storm or other event has caused damage to your roof, keep in mind that any repairs may be covered by insurance. We can work with your homeowners insurance agent to make that determination.

Your Roof Protects Your Home

If your roof is in bad repair, your home will become unlivable very quickly. Your roof is your protection against the elements. Additionally, other systems in your home get impacted by your roof’s condition. If your roof is in poor repair, that can cause drafts or a buildup of heat in your attic, leading to higher utility bills and more wear and tear on your HVAC systems.

Water leaking from your roof into your home can create mold and mildew issues, causing the air quality in your house to be poor. That can also cause damaging wood rot, which can damage the structural integrity of your home.

Eventually, every roof will wear out and need to be replaced. However, you can make sure your roof lasts as long as possible if you stay on top of things by scheduling a regular residential roof inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Keeping Your Roof in Top Condition

There are some things you can do to protect your roof from your regular inspections. Start by keeping your gutters clean and repairing any broken gutters as soon as you notice a problem. Next, trim or remove any trees that have branches hanging over your roof. That will help eliminate the danger of damage from falling branches. Finally, look over your roof regularly, but especially after storms. Check for missing shingles or other signs of damage.

If you really want to keep your roof in good shape, Right Now Roofing also offers maintenance.

Count On Us for Residential Roof Inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Right Now Roofing is proud to employ skilled, detail-oriented, courteous roofing inspectors. If you need a roofing inspection for any reason, please call us or book an appointment online. We’d love to save you money and inconvenience by finding any issues with your roof before they cause extensive damage.

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Right Now Roofing is Oklahoma’s Premier contractor!  Our installation practices exceed building code requirements and we only use the industry’s top rated roofing and waterproofing products. We proudly offer the very best warranties on the roofing industry!

Lastly, it is our honor to partner with local charities such as “The Demand Project” in order to give back to the community that we serve.”

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