Commercial Roof Maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you’re a local commercial building owner, you will likely need some commercial roof maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ideally, you get maintenance once every six months, maybe even more often than that if the weather is particularly extreme. 

Our state is capable of some intense weather! That’s exactly why commercial roof maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is so important. You don’t want your office or business to lose valuable time because of a roof in disrepair. Right Now Roofing offers commercial roof maintenance for properties across the Tulsa area to keep that from happening. 

Types of Commercial Roof Maintenance We Offer

When it comes to commercial roof maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you can reduce the practice to three essential components.

Preventative Maintenance

This type of maintenance is the bare minimum. Most of your roofing material warranties require you to schedule preventive maintenance to stay under warranty. 

Right Now Roofing can help with that! During our preventative maintenance appointments, one of our roofing specialists will check for water damage and address any repair-worthy issues they come across.

Scheduled Maintenance

If you like to plan things in advice, Right Now Roofing has you covered. Schedule biannual maintenance ahead of time and catch problems early. This service will save you time and money in the long run.

Remember that, even if your roof appears to be okay, you should schedule commercial roof maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Storm damage is very subtle and hard to detect, but that doesn’t mean the effects are minor. A trained contractor from Right Now Roofing can see roofing issues from storms during your maintenance appointment that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

How Often You Need Maintenance

The plan for your commercial roof maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, depends on the following determining factors: 

  • The environment and season 
  • Your roof’s current condition

A majority of roofing issues stem from weather damage. In other parts of the country, many commercial properties would be considered low-risk. But with everything from hail and blizzards to tornadoes and heat waves, we do things a little differently in Tulsa. 

Weather isn’t the only point to consider. To a lesser (but still noticeable) extent, how much commercial roof maintenance you need depends on how often you use your building. Suppose there’s a lot of foot traffic from HVAC services or similar activities in your building. If that’s the case, your risk of damage increases.

No matter the weather, and regardless of how often people access your building, Right Now Roofing understands commercial properties in Oklahoma need our help. We’re confident we can answer the call and help protect your business.

Our Commercial Roof Maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma

So what happens during Right Now Roofing’s commercial roof maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma? The answer varies based on the needs of your property. 


Every business or office we maintain gets the same generalized inspection and level of repair, and what we do after that depends on your roof’s condition. We’ll also consider what type of roofing you have, whether that’s metal roofing, TPO roofing, Modified Bitumen, or EPDM roofing. Our roofing specialists know how to work with all types!

Cleaning and Debris Removal

Our maintenance team may need to remove mold or moss from your roof or clean your vents and skylights. We will also clear your roof of debris and clean your gutters to prevent further harm to your building’s roof or foundation. 

Right Now Roofing in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Commercial roof maintenance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has never been easier than with Right Now Roofing. We’ve been serving the Oklahoma area for over 20 years. Thanks to that commitment, we’ve earned a reputation as the state’s premier roofing contractor for both residential and commercial buildings. 

We believe in doing things right. We hire the right people and give them the right tools and training. Plus, with every job we do, we keep working until it’s done right. Read any of our reviews, and you’ll see the same comments pop up again and again. People in Tusla and beyond love the installation, repair, and replacement work we do on their roofs. 

You’ve gone that extra mile to care for your commercial property in so many ways. And you do that because you understand the investment you’ve put into your business. More than that, you care about the people that hold up the work you do, and you want your team and clients to be comfortable all year long. So for your roofing maintenance, trust Right Now Roofing. Give us a call today!

WHAT WE DOOur warranties are the best in the
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Why Right Now Roofing?

Right Now Roofing is Oklahoma’s Premier contractor!  Our installation practices exceed building code requirements and we only use the industry’s top rated roofing and waterproofing products. We proudly offer the very best warranties on the roofing industry!

Lastly, it is our honor to partner with local charities such as “The Demand Project” in order to give back to the community that we serve.”

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