Commercial Roof Inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma

You put a lot of time, effort, and energy into your business or office in Tusla. You wouldn’t deny checking your plumbing or your HVAC systems every year, so you shouldn’t give any less attention to the roof over your commercial property’s head. 

Commercial roof inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is vital to ensure your building can withstand the sometimes unpredictable Oklahoma climate. It does require some forethought to fit roof inspections in your property’s maintenance schedule, but the protection and security it can provide are crucial. And when you get your roof inspected through Right Now Roofing, the process is easy and effective.

When to Perform a Commercial Roof Inspection

Ask any roofer, and they’ll tell you the same thing一your commercial-grade roof should get inspected twice a year (spring and fall). It’s best to schedule a commercial roof inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with Right Now Roofing while the weather is mild. Doing this will guarantee your roof is ready for the sudden change in temperature without leaks or other forms of damage.

What Does a Right Now Roof Inspection Look Like? 

A commercial roof inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma, starts with a phone call. At Right Now Roofing, we begin every inspection from the inside of your commercial property. We do this to look for signs of water damage and track the source of where the water may be coming from. 

After that, our inspector will walk the surface of your commercial roof. We know exactly what to look for, such as:

  • Cracks and blisters
  • Uplifted nails
  • Broken shingles

Our roof specialists will start from the perimeter, then work their way to the center of the roof. That way, there isn’t an inch of space left unaccounted for. 

We’ll also take a sample of your roof during the inspection to further analyze its makeup and history. Once we figure those details out, we will send you a comprehensive report on the state of your commercial property’s roof. This report will cover any leaks or saturated areas. Depending on what we find, we may suggest: 

  • Repairs, if less than 5% of your roof is saturated
  • Restoration, if less than 25% of your roof is saturated
  • Replacement, if more than 25% of your roof is saturated

Even though the inspection as a whole only takes around an hour, the information we uncover is absolutely essential to the health of your property.

Benefits of Right Now Roof Inspections 

Many benefits come from a regular commercial roof inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


The most obvious is that it improves the durability of your roof as a whole. Much like a furnace or air conditioner, getting your roof regularly examined is the best way to catch more minor problems before they turn costly and catastrophic. You use that logic to lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC system, and the same applies to your property’s roof. 

This method saves money that you would otherwise spend fixing bigger issues and completely circumvents the trouble of managing a business under a roof in disrepair. And that’s not the only way frequent commercial roof inspections can improve your business. 

Energy Cost Savings

When working at its best, a roof keeps the inner temperature of a building regulated, dry, and comfortable. That means you’ll be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

More than that, Right Now Roofing can make sure the roof over your property is stable and secure, improving morale and customer retention and encouraging people to stay longer and work more efficiently. 

The Best Commercial Roof Inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Right Now Roofing covers roof services of all kinds across the Tulsa area. And we do more than touch upon things like inspections, replacements, or repair. Our team works hard and doesn’t stop until you’re completely satisfied. We even specialize in hard-to-find leaks that our competitors would miss. 

Right Now Roofing has over 20 years of experience in the industry. During that time, we’ve done more than build and repair roofs. We’ve established ourselves as Oklahoma’s premier contractor. So if you’re looking for an inspection you can count on, get it through Right Now Roofing. We’ll do the job right, and we’ll do it right now. Call us for your commercial roof inspection in Tulsa, Oklahoma, today!

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Right Now Roofing is Oklahoma’s Premier contractor!  Our installation practices exceed building code requirements and we only use the industry’s top rated roofing and waterproofing products. We proudly offer the very best warranties on the roofing industry!

Lastly, it is our honor to partner with local charities such as “The Demand Project” in order to give back to the community that we serve.”

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