Commercial Roof Hail Damage Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known for many things. One of these is the intensity of the storms that we get during certain seasons. These storms often come with heavy rains and winds. Sometimes, there is hail involved. When that happens, we want to be your partner in commercial roof hail damage repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How Does Hail Damage Roofs

The amount of damage hail can do to a commercial roof depends on the following factors:

  • The size and velocity of the hail
  • How many times your roof gets hit
  • Your roof’s condition before the hail storm

There are also a few factors that can mitigate hail damage. For example, natural barriers such as trees can prevent hail from making as much impact. Architectural elements such as awnings can work, as well.

During a hail storm, pieces of hail can put holes into roofing shingles. They can dent and ding metal roofing systems, even cause damage to float or rolled roofing. Severe hail storms can also damage rooftop vents and break skylights. 

If hail damage is severe enough, leaks will start immediately. If not, they will likely develop over time. Fortunately, with Right Now Roofing’s commercial roof hail damage repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we can quickly mitigate any hail damage and make sure your building is safe.

Our Hail Damage Inspections

Any time there has been a hail storm or other major weather event, we encourage you to take some time to look over your roof. Make a note of what you see. At first glance, you may miss divots, fractures, cracks, or punctures in your roof’s membrane. However, upon closer inspection, you may notice clear signs of damage. It’s essential you call Right Now Roofing for commercial roof hail damage repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

What if you don’t see any damage? Some damage isn’t visible during an initial inspection. That doesn’t mean the hail doesn’t cause underlying issues. Over time, that hidden damage can spread and destroy your roof’s structure. These issues look like:

  • Sudden roof failure
  • Issues with water leaks

If leaks don’t appear immediately, there can still be problems. For example, your outer roofing membrane may be weak. That can lead to it breaking down sooner than expected. Then, the underlying materials are vulnerable, as well. Also, consider that micro-cracks can be larger or cause more separation as the weather changes and materials expand and contract.

How Is Hail Damage Repaired?

When we come to your business to assess and repair hail damage, we take several steps. First, we inspect the roof to see if there is damage and the extent. If any damage is severe enough that leaks are imminent, we will cover those areas to provide temporary protection.

Once any emergencies are dealt with, Right Now Roofing will plan to repair the damage and restore your roof to its previous condition. The precise action we take will depend on the severity of the damage and the roofing material used. 

We will also inspect the edges of the roof, vents, or other items. Your roofing crew will ensure that everything is sealed correctly and that flashing is in place. If it isn’t, they will make the required repairs.

How Can I Prevent Hail Damage?

While there is no way to prevent hail damage entirely, there are some things you can do to lessen its impacts. Work with a qualified roofing contractor to select the best roofing materials for the weather in your area. 

The right materials may cost more upfront but could save on repairs either. It’s also imperative that your roof is installed the first time correctly. By doing this, the protective properties of the roof will work best.

Is Commercial Roof Hail Damage Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma Covered by Insurance?

Because hail storms are such a common event in Oklahoma, most commercial insurance policies cover this kind of damage. However, we cannot guarantee what your insurer will pay for or not. Because of this, we strongly urge you to double-check your existing policies.

Let us know if you will be filing an insurance claim for hail damage done to your roof. We are very familiar with these claims, and we can work in cooperation with the insurance adjuster.

Let Us Assess Your Commercial Hail Damage Today

If your roof came into contact with hail recently, you should take time to schedule a commercial roof hail damage repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Even if you don’t believe any damage was done, getting input from a trusted professional is still helpful. Remember that we offer free assessments to our commercial customers. Just contact us today to schedule over the phone or online.

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