Residential Roof Hurricane Damage Repair in Pensacola, Florida

If you live in Pensacola, you are no stranger to turbulent weather. From June to November every year, the Sunshine State deals with the looming threat of hurricanes. 

These large storms can cause significant damage to your roof. While residential hurricane damage repair in Pensacola, Florida, is something no homeowner ever wants to contend with, there is a silver lining. Right Now Roofing is here when you need us most. 

The Ways Hurricanes Cause Damage

From torrential rains to strong winds, any home in a hurricane’s path is at risk. Even a strong, well-maintained roof is often no match for Mother Nature’s wrath. Here’s a look at how the elements of these powerful storms lead to residential roof hurricane damage repair in Pensacola, Florida, each year. 

Heavy Rain

Rain alone is one of the biggest reasons folks call us for residential roof hurricane damage repair in Pensacola, Florida. Torrential rain can do a lot of damage to your roof by itself, damaging shingles and loosening seams, soffits, and gutters. When rain pairs with the other aspects of hurricane weather, it becomes an even bigger problem. 

Rain introduces moisture into already damaged areas and poses the threat of mold and rot. Even if minor damage to your roof doesn’t look that bad, the added element of moisture can exacerbate the issue. 

High Winds 

Hurricane winds are responsible for a considerable portion of the damage done to your home during a storm. Wind drives the other weather elements, such as rain and hail, into your home at full speed. It’s also responsible for moving loose objects through the air, which could end up smashing into your roof, causing destruction. 

Even by itself, wind can cause a lot of problems. Hurricane-strength wind is sustained wind over 74 miles per hour. With that kind of force, all the wind needs to do is hit your roof at the right angle, and there could be serious repercussions. We often replace roof tiles that got ripped away or gutters that got torn off.


Hail comes in a wide range of sizes. Little pieces of hail may not seem that bad, but when they bear down on your roof in force, they can do some serious damage to your shingles. Many of our customers call us to fix dings and cracks caused by hail.

Larger pieces of hail have the potential to make holes in your roofing. These holes create an opportunity for solid winds to do further damage and let in moisture.


While the chances of lightning striking your roof aren’t real high, they do exist. Dubbed The Lightning Capital of the US, Floridians deal with a higher than average amount of lightning strikes each year.

Lightning strikes create puncture holes in your roof, much like hail does. But the difference is that, unlike hail, lightning can scorch your roof, ruining shingles and other roofing elements as well as destroy your home’s attic. 

With so many destructive elements working together, it’s easy to see why many people call Right Now Roofing for residential roof hurricane damage repair in Pensacola, Florida. We work with only the best roofing and waterproofing materials to help minimize the damage from future storms.

Do You Need Residential Roof Hurricane Damage Repair in Pensacola, Florida?

When the clouds part and the storm passes, damage assessment is a top priority. In many cases, roof damage is apparent. Other times, the damage is so small or hard to see from the ground that it’s easy to miss, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for or where to look. 

Take a Look Inside

Stand inside your home and look up! Wet spots on the ceiling or walls indicate that moisture got in. 

After you’ve checked out all the rooms in your home, go upstairs to the attic. If you see areas that sag, cracks in the drywall, or light shining through the roof, it’s time to give us a call.

Check the Exterior

Once you’ve inspected the inside of your home, it’s time to head outside. Walk around the perimeter of your home. Look for:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Damaged gutters
  • Dented or broken flashing
  • Grainy particles from shingles in your gutters

If you notice any of these issues or feel concerned about the state of your roof in the aftermath of a hurricane, give us a call. At Right Now Roofing, we’ll help you make your home and your family safe again.

Right Now Roofing Specializes in Residential Roof Hurricane Damage Repair in Pensacola, Florida

When hurricanes strike, residential roof hurricane damage repair in Pensacola, Florida, is our top priority. With over 20 years of roofing experience, we understand that storm damage repair can’t wait. Should disaster strike, make Right Now Roofing your first call. 


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