Pensacola, like any city in Florida, faces hurricanes and tropical storms on an annual basis. Homeowners, as a result, have to prepare themselves to face roofing damage related to the state’s unpredictable weather. Residents who have homeowners insurance have the option, after these storms, to pay for repairs with help from their providers.

Securing that funding, however, can be a tricky endeavor. But once you have the steps down, you can rely on the team with Right Now Roofing to see you through your repair process.

Reacting to a Pensacola Storm

You may not always immediately notice the damage that a storm does to your roof. After all, unless you have a drone that you can use for a regular roof inspection, your losses may be difficult to notice from the ground.

Luckily, the team with Right Now Roofing can inspect your roof for you. This initial inspection lets you better understand what kind of damage you’re facing and what coverage, in turn, you can request from your insurance provider. Our team can even back your claim, providing evidence of the applicable damage when you go to file.

How Do Roofing Insurance Claims Work?

You should only attempt to file a roofing claim after you’ve understood what kind of damage you’re up against. When you have a professional’s damage estimate on your side, you can more effectively communicate with the adjuster your provider sends your way.

An adjuster, as mentioned, will determine how much of your roofing damage your homeowners’ insurance can cover. With this offer in hand, you can choose to what extent you want your roof repaired.

Note that you may still have to pay for additional repairs should your damage extend beyond what your deductible may cover. That said, your claim’s financial support will make it easier than ever for you to keep water and other post-storm damage from disrupting your day-to-day life.

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